A Beagle Named Carol

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A Beagle Named Carol

A Beagle Named Carol tells the story of a female beagle caged in a science lab, who has no idea what will become of her life until a kind man shows up to rescue her. Set in the midlands of the Republic of Ireland, this story is based on a true and heartwarming beagle rescue. With the help of this man’s compassion, Carol learns what it is to play and be joyful, and to trust. The timid beagle grows to become a cheeky and confident companion for the man who needs a bit of rescuing himself.

This is a story of patience and love – how two hearts can find each other and spark delightful adventures that will be treasured by many for years to come.

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About the Author

Cathy Schenkelberg lives a creative, vagabond life in her camper van traveling, exploring, writing, performing, and singing.

A Beagle Named Carol was inspired while living in Ireland. This Irish Dog Tale pays homage to all sweet beagles who are rescued and given second chances at life to find love and magical adventures.

Cathy’s premier children’s book will be followed by many romps through the Irish countryside; introducing new characters as Carol explores her world with her distinct, ever-so-cheeky beagle nose.

Author Cathy Schenkelberg pictured with Dolly, her travel companion pocket beagle.